Sweet Adelines International

We are Coeur d'Alene Chorus and we are Sweet Adelines!


Erin Mueller, Debbie O'Brien, Randee Johnson, Glenda Kohoutek

The girls of Kaleidoscope are proud members of Sweet Adelines International and love performing for their community all the way from small venues like luncheons or company parties to larger multi-group performances like the chorus' Christmas concert.  Their tendency is to sing the more up-beat barbershop songs that bring a smile to the faces in their audience and make everyone want to tap their feet.  Kaleidoscope is also known for singing some more spiritual songs that stir emotion in their own hearts as well as the hearts of those listening.

Available to entertain you and your family and friends, or your coworkers and clients!
Just contact Glenda
gkohoutek@sd273.com ----or----

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